Spectrum Guard Training Courses offered by CTL-SystemWare



Basic Equipment Training

Our Basic Equipment Course will familiarize new users with the CTL-SystemWare product line, focused on the Spectrum Guard Portable Spectrum Analyzer, Strong Signal Detector (SSD) and Resource Manager2 remote monitoring software.  This groundwork is reinforced and expanded with hands on exercises to better understand how to detect, identify, analyze, and locate RF threats.


Cellular Architecture Course

Our Cellular Architecture Course was developed to provide a strong overview of modern cellular equipment, protocols and operational architecture.  This ground work is reinforced and expanded with hands on exercises to better understand how our environments are impacted by cellular technology.


Basic Technical Security Course

The Basic Technical Security Assessment course is designed to provide technicians, managers and executives the fundamental understanding of the counterintelligence aspects, procedures, technical threats, and required equipment necessary to address modern technical vulnerabilities.


Intermediate Technical Security Course

The Intermediate Technical Security Assessment course delivers a more in depth view of the security procedures focusing on the best practices for various environments.  Additionally, extensive practical exercises will help solidify important concepts and procedures.


Enhanced System Operation Course

Our Enhanced System Operation Course was designed to provide a medium to develop new techniques in signal acquisition, identification, analysis, and localization.  The course is divided into modules to allow US Government Program Managers and Training Officers to focus the training on agency or individual needs.  This will aid in the learning process and facilitate student discussion and interaction, while remaining focused and relevant to the agencies unique requirements.

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